Race Tip of the Week: Know the course you are racing

28 06 2007

As a bike racer, one spends countless hours training in the cold, rain and wind in the winter months of the Northwest.  This sacrifice and dedication is required to be competative at any level whether you are a Cat 5 or the seasoned Pro.  So now you’ve done all the training, you are eating right, you are sacrificing that Friday night out so you are fresh for the team ride on Saturday morning.  All for what?  To show up to your race and either miss your start for the TT, or you and the lead group make a wrong turn which now results in having to turn around and hopefully not be behind the pack now, or making a right instead of a left at that mountain bike race you’ve been looking forward to.

So the point is:

  • know the courses you are racing
  • know your start times 
  • check the “official race clock”
  • pre-ride if possible
  • know where the climbs are
  • know how the finish is laid out
  • study the course map

All of this knowledge now completes your training…..




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